Workshop-Dr. Rathbart

Dr. Rathbart came to talk to us the music in movies or other works of media. As Animations students we are taught to create the forms along with the music in the background or in the beginning. A few years back as my family and I were watching TV the sound was all mute save for the background music. It was then it was then that it occurred to me that music in media is essential.

First he showed us a series from a show and put different theme songs to it. For each theme song we were to guess what type of show it was. Then he showed us the original music and asked us. I answered correctly say it was a ‘slice of life’ type of show. Then he showed us a clip from a movie ‘Empire of the Sun’ and showed us the music in that and what it meant.

Throughout the entire presentation I was very involved. I answered a few of the questions such as the one I mentioned earlier. I also answered a question he asked about a song in the movie ‘The Welsh Lullaby’. I knew the song from my years in choir when we sang it. I also learned that specific songs maybe mean sadness and that music would change from movie to movie. The psychology of music in movies and what it does to us emotionally was also fascinating.

All of these things combined taught me a lot. I learned a lot about the movies I had already watched and perhaps the ones I choose to make in the future. From the simple melodies to the full on songs all of them are part of the magic that makes movies come to life.

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