Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat-Andrea



            Fritz the Cat was an X rated movie based off the comic strip by Robert Crump. Created in the 1970’s was aimed to an adult audience to help show that cartoons were not just for children. Directed by Ralph Bakshi it was a widely successful independent film. It grossed over 100 million at the box office.

            Fritz the Cat is a mockery of college life in the 1960’s. Set in New York Fritz and his friends are trying to meet girls and bring them back for sexual purposes. After meeting three girls Fritz drags them back to the bathroom. Meanwhile, two pig policemen come to bust the party that Fritz and his gang have started. After hiding in a toilet Fritz manages to escape. The antics continue with Fritz leaving on a road trip with his girl friend.

            Many of the animators for this films such as Jim Tyer and John Gentilella had worked with director Ralph Bakshi on Terrytoons. With very few pencil tests and saving money by not using model sheets Bakshi was really pushing his luck with this movie. For the sake of saving money Bakshi and Johnnie Vita walked around New York getting pictures that would later be used as a template. Some inked the outline of these photos onto cels with Rapidograph, the technical pen.

            With the films success a second came shortly after however with a new director. The release of the sequel The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat failed to live up to original. Fritz the Cat will always be remembered as it inspired many other films although not all did as well.   





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