Structure and Messaging

Structure and Messaging

Andrea Szwejbka


In any design the structure is very important. The stability and integrity of a piece is vital to it’s over all look. Equally as important is the message. The message of anything you create is significant for the viewer to understand why the work is what it is. Without these simple parts ones art will not appear as it was supposed to.
            Structure by definition is the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex. This is done with no sustenance in nature the molecules in their simple movements build what we see around us. However this process does not just happen there is way in which nature constructs itself. Molecules to connect with weak bonds, this progression must happen repeatedly for nature to continue to renew. This is the bases for all structures. Structure can only exist if the parts relate to each other and the principles such as balance harmony and rhythm, amongst others, are fallowed.

Art work means nothing if there is no meaning behind it. However finding a meaning can be simple. Meaning is a perpetual thing all creatures do with realizing. The things you experience in life help develops these meanings. However humans have to privilege of changing what we may think something means. Since very early in our history humans have used meaning to make sense of the world and answer questions using symbols such as the sun is the symbol for life. Also using simple shapes in nature to define who we are as humans.

            Structure is what holds the piece together but meaning is what gives it life. With these two things and little help from nature you can make art. Making art isn’t about painting or drawing but what you are painting with and what is on the canvas. The center of your image is what others will view. 

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