Wire Sculpture


When we were told we were to do a wire sculpture I was more or less indifferent. I chose to work with my friends knowing I would see them out of class. We chose a heartless from the game Kingdom Hearts. I leanred that not only is working with wire difficult but understanding the form of something is even more so. As I attempted to put this together with my group it became more clear then it ever had that I had to start veiwing my world in a new 3D way. This project was very difficult not to meantion my team and I picked something that didn’t actually exsist. As the project contiued on I also learned the working in a group isn’t always a bad thing. I made the circles that would be the structure for the frame Ashley and Sydney but it together in the form. In the future when I animate I will have to work with other people and in being in groups that will help me achieve a better understanding of my work.

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